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Metal Injection Molded Part

The Casting Company provides expert resources for all of your precision metal injection molding (MIM) needs. We specialize in projects that require complex custom injection metal moldings.

With the MIM process there is virtually no design restrictions or compromising. MIM is ideal for tight tolerance parts, customized metal alloys and complex shaped parts. The part you want is the part you get.

Facts About Metal Injection Molding

Metal Injection Molding can significantly add performance benefits by:

  • Shortening the development cycles
  • Reducing or eliminating secondary machining operations
  • Reducing or eliminating secondary finishing operations
  • Minimizing material waste – net shape

We incorporate production molding machines that range from 17 tons to 50 tons, capable of producing parts from a few grams to several hundred grams.

MIM Capabilities

Our Metal Injection Molding process provide a competitive advantage for our customers through its design freedom and flexibility, which allows for very close tolerances and reliability. In-house heat treatment capabilities include::

  • All types of Vacuum Heat treatments
  • We use microprocessor controlled vacuum furnaces for in-house heat
  • ISPEN Sealed Quench Furnace with tempering facility. This equipment
    also is micro-processor controlled
  • Materials heat treated in-house
  • ISO/TS 16949:2002 certified quality system 
  • Equipment includes:

    • 6 Axis Sliding head CNC Automatic Lathe (CITIZEN) (1X)
    • DMC 55 H duo BLOCK – CNC Milling Horizontal Machining Centre
    • CNC Milling 4 Axis machines (5X)
    • Makino Slim 3 – High Speed CNC machining center (1X)
    • DMG CTX alpha 300 – CNC Turn mill center (1X)
    • CNC Turn Mill center – Galaxy Machine Tool (2X)

Metal Injection Molding can help achieve a better casting solution for your requirements, including:

  • Lower cost
  • Shorten production cycles
  • High repeatability
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Minimal, if any secondary operations

Metal Injection Molding to Meet Your Needs

Metal Injection Molding works with a wide variety of industrial metals, including (partial list):

  • MIM 17-4PH (H900 and H1200 treatments)
  • MIM SS 420 (Vacuum heat treatment to 39~45 HRC range)
  • MIM 440 C (Vacuum Heat treated to 50~55 HRC)
  • Tool steels like MIM M2 and S-7
  • High Carbon steels like MIM 52100 for extremely wear resistant
  • All types of low alloy, medium carbon steels, case hardening steels

We will be willing to work on R&D programs to develop special material through MIM if the commercial justification is available.

Injection Metal Molding for Many Industries

Major industries and markets we serve include:

  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial Products
  • Automotive
    § Medical
  • Defense products