Manufacturer of Suppression Technologies

Case Study #1

Manufacturer of Suppression Technologies

Working with a company that does not except failure can be challenging. When a major manufacturer approached us with a new design and they needed prototypes quickly, we took the challenge.

Problem: After reviewing the design files, we determined that the project could be done. The only problem was that a meeting was scheduled for Monday of the next week with a large potential customer – and it was already Wednesday.

Solution: The component was a difficult prismatic part that would need at least a 5-axis machining center to produce it. Not only would these prototypes be expensive, but the set-up and time needed could not normally be achieved. The Casting Company utilized the Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process to meet the deadline and make this project a success.

Results: Parts were shipped on Friday, for Monday delivery. The manufacturer had good meeting with the potential customer and the components were successfully field tested. They are still working after many rounds of ammunition being fired through them.

Material: PH1

Characteristics: 20 or 40 Micron Layers; 33-37 HRC Built; Post Hardened to 50-54 HRC