Multi-Spindle Automatic Lathes, Material Handling, ISO 9001 2000

We offer multi-spindle rotary transfer technology, including Hydromat 16-station machines.

  • We custom design and build machines around your family of components, so you get the benefits of the most efficient production at the lowest capital cost
  • We can build inline, trunnion, or horizontal equipment
  • Our latest 24-station design uses a Hirth-Ring index table for + 0002 inch accuracies
  • Machines typically have from eight to 24 stations
  • Costs 60% less than an equivalent purchased machine. This savings is passed on to you!

High-Volume, High Speed Manufacturing with Close Tolerances

Our primary niche is high-volume jobs that require machines to produce parts at close tolerances in sub-two-second cycle times.

  • Volumes that start from 300K to 500K parts and into the millions fit us best
  • We will be one of the lowest cost providers in the world if your part fits our capabilities
  • To maintain our position in this competitive market, we continually focus on new and unique technologies to improve cost-control and expand our capabilities

Precision Machining Equipment List

Boost Your Accurate Weekly Output!

Our multi-spindle lathe department runs machines by Schutte, Gildemeister, and Euroturn. These world-class lathes are typically more than 20 times more accurate than our competitor’s machines.

  • Our weekly output capability is enhanced because every lathe is equipped with an auxiliary bar loading machine, which can increase your output by more than 25%.
  • The high-reliability of these lathes ensures each machine can produce in excess of 300,000 parts weekly!

Single-Spindle Lathes for Short & Quick Runs

Our single spindle CNC department consists of Citizen Sliding Headstock lathes.

  • Our engineering team has developed unique attachments that reduce the cycle times on female contact pins by 25%.
  • These machines are extremely versatile for short runs and quick set-up.
  • We have equipped them with bar loaders and sensors for un-attended operation.
  • Let us put our expertise to work for you!

State of the Art Precision Machining

“State of the Art” European Multi-spindle lathes outperform standard lathes in every respect:

  • RPM’s – Our spindles are modern sealed designs, which can operate at 300% faster RPM’s, allowing Liberty to produce your part faster!
  • Hirth Ring Index – All of our lathes are equipped with this geared location mechanism which enhances accuracy by twenty fold.
  • Compound Slides – We can single point complex features such as lead screws or threads.
  • Faster Idle Time – Less non-cutting time means more parts per hour!
  • Isolated Independent Cams – Each cutting tool is cammed at its optimum feed rate. All cams are separated form the chip area to prevent random chips on the cams.
  • Micrometer Adjustments – All tools are more easily changed and thus more accurate parts are produced with less down time.
  • Servodrives – All of our lathes use servodrives to eliminate clutch slipping and the wearing of mechanical drive components.
  • Synchronous Drives – As our lathes are 100% Synchronous we can use advanced attachments to eliminate secondary operations. These include polygon forming, thread milling, off center rotating drilling, back drilling and tapping, etc.

As a result of the above technology our lathes typically are producing components 24 hours a day at efficiency rates of 90% or better.

Precision Machining Equipment List

Multi-spindle Lathe Comparison Chart

Davenport B Acme/New Britain Schutte SG-18 Gital GM-16-AC Euroturn6/20
Number of Spindles / Max Usable RPM: 5 / 3,000 6 / 2,500 6 / 10,000 6 / 9,000 6 / 5,000
Hirth Ring Index: No No Yes Yes Yes
Range on forming test-all spindles: .005 “ .005 “ .00015 “ .0025 “ .005 “
Compound Slides: No No Yes Yes Yes
Non-cutting time per part: 0.6 sec. 1.5 sec. 0.3 sec. 0.4 sec. 0.4 sec.
Independent cams for all tools: Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Micrometer Adjust for each tool: No No Yes Yes Yes
Cams Isolated from chips: No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Synchronous Servodrive: No No Yes Yes Yes
Typical uptime: 50% 60% 90% 90% 85%