Rotary Transfer High-Volume Machining, Multi-Spindle Automatic Lathes, Deburring, Material Handling, ISO 9001 2000

We offer a variety of machining services. The following equipment listing highlights our Rotary Transfer High Volume Machining capabilities.

Multi-spindle Automatic Lathes

  • 3 Schutte SG-18 18mm/6 spindle
  • 1 Euroturn 32mm/6 spindle
  • 4 Euroturn 25mm/6 spindle
  • 6 Euroturn 20mm/6 spindle
  • 3 Gildemeister GM-16 16mm/6 spindle
  • 1 Wickman 67mm/6 spindle
  • 1 Wickman 45mm/6 spindle
  • 1 Wickman 32mm/6 spindle
  • 6 Pietro Cucchi Multi-Automatic Bar Feed Systems
  • 12 Iemca SIR 320 Multi-Automatic Bar Feed Systems

Utilizing lathes from Schutte, Gildemeister, and Euroturn.  All of these machines represent the “State of the Art” in this field.

Rotary Transfer Machines

  • 2 Hydromat HB 32/45-16 Sixteen Station Rotary Transfer Machine
  • 7 Horizontal Eight Station Rotary Transfer Machines HLR-8
  • 2 Horizontal Sixteen Station Rotary Transfer Machines HLR-16
  • 4 Vertical Eight Station Rotary Transfer Machines VLR-8

Using our Multi-spindle station rotary transfer machines, we can complete complex components from bar stock; or we can chuck previously turned blanks. Our ability to spread the work over twenty four stations, results in high reliability, accuracy, and very short cycle times. 

Secondary Machines

  • 25 Internal milling and cross drilling machines used for:
    • Ramping
    • Drilling
    • Broaching

One of our most unique capabilities is our experience of producing our own secondary machines.  These machines perform milling, drilling, ramping, broaching, marking, arc, etc. on already turned blanks. This philosophy allows the expensive Multi-spindle lathes to produce the component in its simplest form in order to maximize output. Then we design and build a low cost secondary machine to complete the part.

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